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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Race Waylaid By Rain

Here's where I would love to begin with the wonders of an incredible race. I'd start off saying that I held my pace, but, doggonit, I just felt good, so I tested the waters and popped it up a gear, and, feeling good, the next gear, and, until, I was cruising in a fun gallop, finishing in some glorious time that made all the hard days insignificant.

I tested no waters. The waters were falling, and so I bowed out.

I want to have fun, not misery.
Woke up at 6:00, ready to go. Street outside my home was damp. No worries. Maybe the rain had stopped? It hadn't, and was picking up (can I say steam?). I decided that, no matter how good the cause is, today wasn't going to be a race day. Running in the rain for 20+ minutes, plus the related warm-ups and all equalled unnecessary misery.

I went back to bed at 6:50, and slept until 10:00. Must've needed the sleep, and, as sleep is a health issue, maybe I did myself some good that will show dividends on the track. No way to really know.

If the weather provides a break, I'll hit the track today or tomorrow and run a time trial. The 24:15 I wanted hasn't gone anywhere, and the track can, in its own way, suffice. It misses the competition, for better and for worse, but, among its strengths is an exact distance I can measure by. It breaks down to 1:56.4 400s, so that's what I'll try to do.

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