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Thursday, June 28, 2007

6:48 mile - modern PR

2 mile wu
6x100 striders
3x200s (100)[400]
3x250 (50)[400]
1 mile
600 wd

total: 6.03125 miles

Wind: NE at 14 mph
Humidity: 59%
course: Wheaton track

My mile went well - 6:48: 1:47, 1:37, 1:48, 1:36. That's a modern PR for me, better than the 7:25 treadmill time I have been holding onto since March 29. It was after some hard, but not too fast, running. I think I could drop another :30 if I was fresher. We'll redo this workout in the fall, I'm told, so I'll be able to use today as a benchmark.

Overall, I felt good. I think I left the track well, feeling like I worked hard, but still have more in me.

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