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Monday, June 4, 2007

Making Headway

Monday Check-in

135 lbs.
51 - Pulse

Feeling good, though my right leg seems to need some coddling. My miles steadied this week - 22 miles. Ran through some hard days, and survived adequately enough.

My speed is yet hiding, but has peaked out to say hello. With my base becoming aerobically stronger, I should be seeing more strength indirectly. My weight seems to be dropping an ounce at a time, but each ounce less means less to carry, and, therefore, easier runs all around. I need, if for no other reason than confidence, to run some tests at each distance, just see what I have got. Not today, though. Calves ache, and the Spivey workout is tomorrow. It would be nice to have enough gas in the tank when he lines us up.

The Spivey track workouts are feeling more comfortable, though I am still learning the code (Lee clarifies it on his marathon/triathlon blog. Scroll to see Jim's key to understanding his workouts). While it all makes sense in the code master's mind, and maybe to Lee and everyone else, I have a learning curve.

Jim's patient with me, the slowest one running each week. I hope this will change, but, so long as the others remain healthy, it may not. One way or another, I am sure my own times will drop, even if theirs do in concert.

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