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Thursday, September 27, 2007

No Fan of Found at the Runner's Dilemma

I can't say if will become the next TicketMaster, but, this online registration service has aspects of a scam. It seems that road racing is going this way, or whatever competitors exist, but it looks like a good gone bad.

Here's the process, at least in my case:

  1. Went to event website
  2. Clicked through various pages to get to the site
  3. Registered an account. This only connect me to (free)
  4. Registered for a 5K, which included the usual waivers and credit card info.
  5. At the last page, after I completed registering, I receive a "Thanks" page.
    Congratulations ANTHONY!

    Just click "YES" at the bottom of this page to claim your FREE gift from for registering online for the Morton Abroretum Fall Color 5K.

    To thank you for registering for the Morton Abroretum Fall Color 5K, would like to give you a FREE $20.00 GIFT... Two Free $5.00 discounts off your next two event registrations on and a Free $10.00 discount off your online registration on to next year's Morton Abroretum Fall Color 5K. Plus you'll also enjoy the money-saving benefits of ActiveAdvantage, our premium online athlete savings program! Save money every time you travel plus enjoy all this FREE for the next 3 months...
  6. Was I excited? Sure! Free is good, and I'm the guy who picks up pennies in the grocery store parking lot.
  7. Way at the bottom was a disclaimer, which, there, was in very tiny print, telling me I will be billed $50.04 a year, unless I click 'no thanks' which is a button at the bottom.

    OFFER DETAILS: By clicking "yes", you will receive your free gift and a 3-month membership to ActiveAdvantage, compliments of If you are 100% satisfied during your trial, do nothing. All your member benefits will automatically continue for a full year for just $4.17 per month, billed annually to your credit/debit card used here for this offer and renewed each year upon expiration, at the then current fee. A money-back guarantee is our pledge to you! If you're ever dissatisfied during your trial offer, Or thereafter, simply call ActiveAdvantage at 877-228-4881,x2 to cancel your membership benefits. You will be issued a pro-rata refund of the annual fee.

1 comment:

Kris said...

Wow! I just got a letter saying I signed up not knowing I signed up. Time to cancel on principal even though I may like the service. I just hate being tricked.