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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Achin' Bacon on a Wednesday Night: 4.01 Miles Without a Tune To Tap To

4.01 miles run
1.00 miles walked

total: 4.01 miles
course: Cardinal Fitness Glen Ellyn

My bacon is achin'. Ran a comfortable four miles, but the ache is from a mix of new running and new weights. Same as last time, I think. No leg work yet. That will come after I get a little leg sludge cleaned out. Next month should be long enough.

Intend to hook up with a trainer to give me the once through on the machines. He'll hardly lay down a lifting plan, but I will get an idea of methods and a general strategy.

No iPod today. I didn't die. Had the iPod, but no headphones. Thought I might go down for the count, but I pulled it out well enough. Tried watching the little TV each treadmill has. I learned basketball and football works, but not talk shows. Too much reading. Too slow. Too much to think about. TV, it seems to me, works like music. Wrong pace is just wrong. If I'm not tapping the same tune, it throws everything off.

Besides, I caught some of the loudmouths on the political talk shows. The last thing I need is someone telling how bad the world is (I caught MSNBC and Fox News both yucking up 'Woe is all' blabbering, so don't dance self-righteously thinking your guy never does this.)

Above: evidence of a run. My ASICS, bandanna, a bag we got free somewhere.

Are you feeling groovy? Simon and Garfunkel are. Watch the video and smile.

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