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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Quick Track Play

800 wu
7:36 m (400)
1:44 400 (400)
1:23.96 400 (200)

total: 2.625 miles

Wind: E at 9 mph
Humidity: 84%
course: COD track

I wanted to get out just a bit, given I skipped the race. Nothing long. Nothing hard. Just a quick sweat, and a little fun.

Sunday's probably a day off, and Monday will be a longer run. Although cool, the humidity made it as if I were running in a cloud. My glasses steamed up, and sweat poured off my bandanna, rendering it useless.

Ran a 7:36 mile, the first time I was under 8:00 outside. Didn't push. Just ran hard. Ran a little harder, and ran a 1:23 400. Not so fast, but my fastest in years, and three seconds faster than my last try at the distance.

Saw a yellow finch flying across the east side of the track. Always pretty. The track screamed with seagulls and geese, and some smaller birds courting.

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