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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Am I running?

Good question.

Since I have posted, I have walked. Not enough. Not run.

5.3 miles once with friend Justice.
5.5 miles yesterday at Springbrook Prairie

Several three-mile walks. A half dozen?

A few things threw me off running. A combination of life, some physical stuff, and some personal stuff. Took the wind out of my sails. As one person e-mailed me, "how about a little more running and a little less pontificating." Took me off my guard and snagged some of the fun of running for me. So I haven't posted or run. It is strange how things can be discouraging.

That said, yesterday's walk was good. Once around Springbrook at a leisurely, non-workout pace. Birds, flowers, grass, and the tiniest of toads were abundant and alive.
The hot mid-afternoon sun burned my neck.

Then, it rained. In Chicagoland, including west of there, where I live, we have seen tremendous amount of spring storms in the last month. I don't what the average is, but it seems like we have experienced more than usual.

Yesterday's rain was especially complex. The sky changed colors every minute. Warnings were abound. Sirens, the radio. I wanted to get home, but traffic was hard.

Naperville Road was just resurfaced. And my brakes were just fixed (new pads). Cars in front of me abruptly stopped. I hydroplaned. Whack. Not too complicated, but horrible just the same. I was doing everything right, but things all sort of converged. Scary.

No one was hurt, although my neck is stiff and I have a welt on my left forearm. The car looks totaled, and so I am on the hunt to replace it. Anyone want to buy a 2003 Corolla LE in great condition except for a big, BIG dent in the front? Really, I gotta unload this thing. Good for wheels, parts. Inside is perfect.