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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Outta My Way (Wait, No One Is On My Treadmill But Me?) - 3.1 Miles

Outta My Way3.1 miles run (30:54)
0.60 miles walked

total: 3.70 miles

I'm digging the old tune by the Skeletons, Outta My Way. New to me. WXRT introduced me to it while driving to Cardinal Fitness. Infectious tune. Was it a hit? How of out of touch am I? Good running song, though, methinks.

As running goes, today was a weak, but steady effort. Started just over 10:00/miles, and scooted slowly down to 8-something, averaging just below 10:00/mile for 3.1. Blister on my left foot, along the arch. Not bad, but not fun for running. Wisdom has it that tomorrow I won't run, so a day off is naturally built in. Of course, just looking at how much running I have done, it is presumptuous to think I will push that.

All said, a nice run. Short, but complete.

Outta My Way by the Skeltons