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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Run for the Mind: 5K Results - Smoked

0.25 mile warmup (slow jog from my car to the registration table)
3.1 mile race

total: 3.35 miles

At 8:06 am (race time is 9:00 am)
Wind: SE at 0 mph
Humidity: 100%

Predicted for 9:00 am
Feels Like 67°F
Chance Precip 10%
Dew 59°F
Point Humid. 75%
Partly Cloudy
Wind From W 4 mph

Official time -- 21:57.6 That's no surprise.

The surprise? First place male (yet I was in third). 215 runners in all. They gave me a little trophy. It was embarrassing. Actual first place ran bandit. No number, not counted. Next actual first place was a woman (I got chicked).

So, there I was. In third, yet first. I thought the last became first?

Mile 1 - 6:51
Mile 2 - 13:36 (6:45)
Mile 3 (3.1) - 21:57.6 (7:36/mile)

I didn't think I slowed that much, nor picked it up after the first -- making my second mile suspect (does USATF certification mean the total distance is correct, or the individual splits as well?). I ran entirely alone after 1.5 miles, with few people on the sidelines.

Still, going into the race late -- I went to the wrong place and no warm up, tired from Thursday, I think I did OK. It was very humid on this grass and crushed stone course, with mild hills, lots of tight turns, and, for the 5K runners, a sharp hairpin turn.

Good buddy Bob Vishanoff took out most of the 10K crowd, getting third in a spectacular finish.

You can see a video of my finish, with a few pictures.


Larry Slater said...

What a great finish and you even had your own cheerleader. :-)

Just how many people ran this race?

How many in your age group?

Not bad for an "old" man. :-)

Great Job!!

Resilient Hawk said...

Thanks. 215 people, I think, plus the guy who really won who wasn't on the books.

Either way, at 42, I'll take it. I know I have faster in me. A few runners around me would help -- I was pretty lonely most of the race, and think it impacted my finish time. A few more races before the fall is up. Cooler weather is now the norm.

As for the cheerleader, couldn't get any better. ;)

Kristi said...

Congratulations! This is significant--now you have a trophy at home to inspire you. :) You probably wouldn't have finished as well last year, right?