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Monday, June 30, 2008

Nothing from Nothing: No Action, No Change

Monday Check-in

132.6 lbs. (up)
48 - Pulse (up)

Nothing'from nothin' leaves nothin. Didn't run. Didn't lose weight. Jus' didn't.

Wedding over the weekend in Iowa smashed my running opportunities. All for a good cause, as I stood as a bookend at a vineyard in Indianola, Iowa, watching an old friend make a new vow.

What this means: weight and pulse made no real changes. Three days off, and today will make four. Tomorrow is the Spivey workout, the day adjusted to meet our race needs (most of us are racing Frday).

In other words, everything is out of whack. How will this affect my race aspirations?

Billy Preston - Nothing from Nothing (1975)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Feeling Sour After a Good Workout

3200 warm up
6x100 striders
2x3x400 (200)[400] (fresh, fresh, good/fresh, good, fresh)
4x200 (roughly) (100)[200]

total: 5.6875 miles

Current:Mostly Cloudy
Wind: W at 3 mph
Humidity: 54%

3x3x400 was the plan, but safety first. Heat.

I ran something close to 1:44, 1:44, 1:31, and 1:44, 1:31, 1:44. Faster? Nope. Not tonight. Tried hard to run my pace as instructed.

Cutting this post short. I have been up since 5:30, dinner (plate of rice) disagreed with going down, and I am not feeling well.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Good Fruit Found in a Good Run - 5.92 miles - 51:10 (8:39/mile)

5.92 miles - 51:10 (8:39/mile)

total: 5.92 miles

Wind: SE at 0 mph
Humidity: 45%
course: COD Loop

Took three laps around the neighborhood, then stomped through my 4.42 mile route. My pace was not consistent, but more or less relaxed. The humidity did not seem to slow me down, but even as I type, I'm dripping several pounds away.

Looking at my recent progress, and accumulated mileage, especially as it differs from this point last year, I am gaining confidence that my race times will drop.

My miles for June are now at 92.22, the most since August, when I had 102.85, and my fourth most all said. This should turn into my highest mileage overall, near-abouts 110.

May 3 through today, I am at 174.35 miles. Same period last year: 134.76 miles. What does 40 more miles of fitness look like? Two four mile runs on June 19-20 in 2007 were 34:34 (8:37) and 34:50.09 (8:42) respectively. June 22 on this year, two days ago, I ran four miles in 30:42 (7:40/mile). This is comparing oranges to tangerines, though, as none of these were races, and last year I ran that on the Prairie Path. All good fruit just the same.

Saw Matt Jewell on babysitting duty along the way, back from his vacation, looking tan and relaxed.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Top Twenty Posts: Racing, Running, Guts and Bandannas

Below are a collection of posts that have garnered the most interest. These are either commentary pieces, or stories about fun races or places to run. Some deal with my passion for running and racing and why. Unlike my workout reports, these should be more timeless.

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  13. T-Shirt Tales: Crete, IL 1983, Crete-Monee Pow-wow

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Feelin' Groovy on a Monday Morning

Monday Check-in

132.4 lbs. (up)
47 - Pulse (down)

Feeling good. Fewer bad runs than the week before, though rain embattled the last several. My miles hit 36.2 for the week ending Saturday June 21, and looks like it will hover near or just about 30 for some time going forward.

Pulse dropped, but is essentially stable, just like my weight. However, I think my weight is down overall. My belt is tighter, a good thing.

Feelin' Groovy - Simon & Garfunkel

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Four Mile PR (Circuitously Speaking)

4.0 miles -- 30:42 (7:40.5/mile)
0.5 warm down

total: 4.5 miles

Current:Mostly Cloudy
Wind: SW at 5 mph
Humidity: 32%
course: Neighborhood half mile loop

Current:Mostly Cloudy
Wind: N at 1 mph
Humidity: 59%

Raining. Again. Happily, though, this time, I was just finishing my warm down when the drizzle started, and just hit my patio when the rain flushed down.

Eight laps around my neighborhood, a convenient half mile loop, dodging smokers and parked cars.

My time surprises me. My goal was to run four miles fresh, and I felt fresh. My first mile was around 8:05, my second came in at 7:50, my third was done in 7:21, and I finished number four in 7:26.

I am encouraged. In the process of running four miles, I ran 5000 meters faster than my Zambia outing in May. The July 4 Freedom Run is a fun, hard workout, and I will take it less seriously than the Viking 5k in late July. Still, I am encouraged to know I can run four at a strong pace. This time would put me about 122 places ahead of where I was last year. With a good warm up, some race buzz and a few days of rest before, and I could break into the low 29s.

A big 5K PR is brewing. Low 21s seems ready and waiting this time next month.

Tomorrow is a day off. My right calf will enjoy this respite.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rained Out? Not Me! All Wet? You Bet!

7.0 miles - 69:02 (9:52/mile)
1.0 mile, hard walking

total: 8.0 miles

Current:Mostly Cloudy
Wind: NW at 0 mph
Humidity: 70%
course: Illinois Prairie Path southward

Wind: W at 0 mph
Humidity: 97%

Caught in the rain after my first mile. Poured hard, rain forest type of rain. I decided to keep going. Skipping runs like this will not help me get my treasured sub-20:00 5K.

Mile 1 - 8:47
Mile 2 - 9:10
Not sure after that.

Averaged 9:52, so my subsequent miles were very slow. Fine enough for me. This was intended to be LSD.

Stopped at seven miles, as my job today was to get in 55-65 minutes, and I was at 69:36.

I'm tired. I'll nap.

Post script
Slept an hour. For those of you keeping score, I won yesterday's Scrabble game by one point, delivered when I posted my last letter, a 'T'. I attached it to an 'I'. That got me four points (double word score). What did it though was that I received everyone else's remaining points from letters still sitting on their tray.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Short Pre-Rain Run

2.5 miles - 21:46 (8:42/mile)

total: 2.5 miles

Current:Mostly Cloudy
Wind: S at 0 mph
Humidity: 42%

course: Neighborhood half mile loop

Rain came. Hard. Thunder. Run over.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Quick and the Alive: 200s and 250s

3200 meters warm up
6x100 striders
4x200 f (100)[400]
4x250 gfgf (150)[400]
4x200 fgfg (100)[400]
3x250 vf (150)
600 meters warmdown

total: 6.75 miles

Wind: NW at 0 mph
Humidity: 27%

Met Marc Dedman from the Nashville group. He was up on business, dropped in. Todd Busteed stopped in for a few laps.

Also, Frank Possinger and his wife, Nancy, had us all over for a BBQ. Good time getting to know people in street clothes.

The run: hot, not humid, but a sturdy workout just the same. I hit my times. Relaxing is tough for me in short runs. The 200s are not sprints the way we do them, but part of teaching us to learn to run hard, in good form, and steady when tired, without going over.

Now, I am sleepy, having gotten up early (5:40 am) for a Bible study group, and need to crash.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just Another Day: 4.42 Miles Logged

4.42 miles -- 38:51 (8:47/mile)

total: 4.42 miles

Mostly Cloudy
Wind: E at 2 mph
Humidity: 54%
course: COD Loop

Wind: NE at 3 mph
Humidity: 58%

Despite what looks like a cooler, less humid day than yesterday, it felt hotter.

Despite that I went slower, I am more tired as well.

It was not a bad workout. It just was not as good as yesterday. Same course. I started slower on purpose. Legs, especially my lower right calf and left hamstring, felt tight.

My job was to run :35-42. I ran almost 39. Mission accomplished.

A few careless drivers coming into and out of the College of DuPage (famous for students with poor driving habits) almost hit me, even though the crosswalk was in my favor. One even had the audacity to honk.

Just Another Day, Paul McCartney

Tooting My Own Horn: Hanging Out My Shingle

While not related to running, I thought I would toot my own horn, announcing my new website, geared toward acquiring new clients.

I still need to go for a run this afternoon. Right now, I am looking at my 4.42 mile route.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Course PR (No Winsome Loping)

4.42 miles -- 36:31 (8:16/mile)

Mostly Cloudy
Wind: SE at 1 mph
Humidity: 40%
course: COD Loop

Felt boxy coming out of the driveway, but, within five minutes, felt comfortable with my stride. Never pushed, but worked hard to avoid lapsing into a winsome lope.

Was it yesterday's rest? Or am I finally sliding out of my winter fat?

I need to up the mileage of this route if my time has settled here. I can add a half mile loop at the end, but this requires running around my neighborhood.

Last year, in September, I ran 5.5 miles at Springbrook Prairie at an 8:10 pace. A couple weeks later, hit my PR for a 5K. I hope I can find a similar correlation.

Which reminds me: time to get back to Springbrook Prairie.

Monday, June 16, 2008

2.2 Pounds Lighter on a Sunny Monday

Monday Check-in

131.8 lbs. (down)
48 - Pulse (up)

Pulse is up a beat or two. Is that residual from yesterday afternoon's run? That's my guess. Otherwise, I feel good. Nice to start a rest day already rested, save for a bit of morning hay fever.

Weight, though, is significantly down. Last week, 134 was it, and my trusty scale isn't trusty. High then, low now? Still, lower beats higher.

I put in 29.75 miles for the week ending yesterday, and have reduced my meal portions, and I must be losing something. Overall, for the month, I am up to 55.71 miles (more than January through March combined).

My rolling 31-day mileage is at 112.97, and is the 11th consecutive day above 100 (through June 19, as I have accumulated enough to hold at 100 until then). My highest is 115.0 miles, completed September 10, 2007, but, if I run consistently this week, this will be surpassed as early as Wednesday, peaking near 145 in mid-July. Looks today like I will put in around 121.39 miles for the month, depending on Jim's next workout schedule.

Yesterday's long run - I wonder how long before it has a fitness impact? While it felt easy, it was slow. That's partly because the distance intimidated me some, and I had such a bad run Saturday that I wanted my body to let me know quickly it was not ready. It is one thing to walk home a mile, and another thing to walk four.

My left knee feels a slight ache. Not the patella, but the little bone on the left, right below. Today's rest will do it well.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Million Blades of Grass: Longest Run Yet

10.11 Miles 1:44:45 (10:22/mile)

total: 10.11 Miles

Wind: NW at 0 mph
Humidity: 74%
course: Warrenville Loop

Wind: SW at 0 mph
Humidity: 64%

The "Warrenville Loop" will likely be any number of routes casing Warrenville Road. Today's may be the longest of any of the possible routes.

My pace was easy from the beginning. How fast I went did not matter. My goal was to get in a long run, knowing tomorrow I will not run.

It was a glyogen depleter. Though my pace was slow, one foot in front of the other still takes up energy. 1062 calories to be exact.

Along the way, I took a good look at the grass. Did I really see a million blades? I didn't count.

100 Meters to a Marathon: Sub-20 5K Paced Out

According to the McMillan Running Calculator, if I can run sub-20 for a 5K, I should be able to, with the proper related training, run the following paces for 100 meters to the marathon. The only time I am close to is 200 meters.

I tested McMillan's chart with my real PRs from way back when. Very accurate. How accurate will it be now, as I am not training with the same intensity? Only time will tell, but it serves as a guide for both current and potential times. My 22:42 applied to a 4 M run indicates a 29:41 is possible. The distance is close enough to presume my training is correct; it isn't going from 100 meters to a marathon.

The formula cannot know race day conditions, or my fitness. On July 4, I will be fitter, but the course will be more challenging than on June 7. If the formula can show me anything for July 4, I can be pretty sure sub-28:00 for 4 M will not happen. A good race from me can turn out a 28:30, though. Maybe I will shoot for that (equivalent to a 21:47 5K).

Event 100m 200m 400m 500m 800m 1000m 1500m
Time 17 34 01:11.1 01:32.7 02:36.1 03:24.0 05:21.4
Event Mile 2000m 3000m 2M 4000m 3M 5000m
Time 05:46.1 07:18.8 11:27.6 12:18.6 15:39.4 19:16 19:59
Event 4M 8000m 5M 10K 15K 10M 20K
Time 26:08:00 32:56:00 33:07:00 41:31:00 1:04:20 1:09:33 1:27:32
Event 13.1M 15M 25K 30K 20M 25M Marathon
Time 1:32:22 1:46:32 1:51:12 2:15:15 2:26:16 3:04:23 3:14:49

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mr. Consistency, Will You Please Stand Up? (He's Not Here)

3.75 miles - 39:34 (10:33/mile)

Wind: S at 0 mph
Humidity: 64%

Wind: NW at 0 mph
Humidity: 55%

Mr. Consistency I'm not. One day good. One day bad. Who shows up any given day involves a gift I do not have.

I planned roughly a seven mile run, aborted early because of right calf cramp and tightness under my right back rib. Not only did I quit early (and walked a mile home), I went slow. Safety first. Tomorrow is another day, and I will run again.

Not my best outing, but that's OK. Burned a few calories. Hopefully squeezed out whatever was ailing me Thursday.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Some Like It Hot (Those Would Be Other People)

3200 meters warmup
6x100 striders
3x150 f (50)[400]
3x200 fgfg (100)[600]
1xmile (1st lap f, 2nd lap g, 3rd lap f, last lap g) - 6:57
jog for 4 minutes vf (about 600 for me)
2x400 (1 minute stand) f
400 meters warmdown

total: 5.96875 miles

Wind: S at 6 mph
Humidity: 50%
course: Wheaton College track

My legs are tired from yesterday, and from Tuesday.

My miles have been accumulating as well, though I probably am benefiting more than hurting from this. My 31-day cycle of miles has been above 75 miles since May 17 all but one day, and above 80 all but one day since May 21. Big miles? No, but more than last year.

Even a slight increase will make a difference. Five more miles a week can't help but influence my race times in a good way, especially as overtraining is not an even a question yet. It quickens the weight loss side of fitness, which is no small thing. If I drop five lbs, I drop almost 4% of my weight. If that is useless fat, then I can't help but speed up. Get to 125 lbs, where I should probably be, I will have left behind 6%. The dividends this will pay in a race in exciting to consider.

Strong storms are predicted, with 85°F. Even if there is no rain, plenty of heat. One way or another, it will be a tough day.

The Workout
Hot, hot, hot. Some like it hot. I don't. Cool as a cucumber here, daddio, but not tonight.

Jim said if we were tired (and I am), to focus on the mile (which I did). He calls it the in and out mile. No idea why, but it means to start relaxed, then pick it up, then relax, then pick up.

My splits were not consistent, as the first and third should be similar, and the second and fourth should likewise relate.
  1. 1:42 (1:42)
  2. 3:26 (1:44)
  3. 5:18 (1:52)
  4. 6:57 (1:39)

I struggled through the workout, not just the mile. My 400s were at 1:52 and 1:50, barely crossing the finish line.

T'weren't mah night.

You might say:
Pease porridge hot,
Pease porridge cold,
Pease porridge in the pot,
Nine days old;
Some like it hot,
Some like it cold,
Some like it in the pot,
Nine days old.

or prefer: Some Like it Hot Trailer (Marilyn Monroe)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Better than Expected: PR for Course

4.42 miles goal: 35:00-40:00 fresh reality: 37:36 (8:30/mile)

Wind: S at 0 mph
Humidity: 34%
course: COD Loop

Wind: S at 1 mph
Humidity: 35%

Today's workout was supposed to be "35:00-40:00 fresh." I do not have a lot of routes next door, so I make do with one route most of the time. However, with a harder workout yesterday, I was not especially confident I could complete it under 40:00.

Only one way to know: try. Under 40:00 meant 9:02 miles or better. I started quickly, but ran into hurdles on Lambert where COD is undergoing construction. I had to cross the street, finagle my way through a complex maze of debris along the shoulder. My real pace was probably faster given the stutter steps early on slowing me down.

At each point that I look at my watch, I was ahead. Felt relaxed most of the time. Never pushed.

With the Freedom Four in a few weeks, this encourages me. What a reasonable pace is I don't know yet. A 28:00 might be reaching, but sub-30 feels possible.

Tomorrow is looking rough, with two difficult days under my belt.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Three Miles Up Tempo (Gimme a Beat)

1.5 miles warm-up
3 miles - goal: 7:55-8:10 pace - reality: 24:04 (8:06, 8:22, 7:36)
1 mile warmdown

total: 5.5 miles

Wind: W at 5 mph
Humidity: 43%
course: Wheaton College track

Now, sitting in my easy chair while the breeze is still cool, all is looking tough. That's as fast as a 24:32 5K (high as 25:16). I don't know if that's in me today. Still, that's what my schedule says, and I am not hurting. Just not sure if I have that much oomph in the legs. I'll give it a go, and start with the slower of the speeds, and go from there.

Time to run.
Now, having run, the results are in. Warmed up fine, first mile OK, second mile I fell asleep, third mile I ran too fast. Felt fine, recovered fine with a leisurely warm down. Ran into SunJoy runner Scott Allen on the way out.

In all, I think things went better than expected. I have something still to learn about my pace and to confidently throw it forward (the second mile).

Looking ahead to Thursday's workout, it will be tough. Some 150s, 200s, 400s, and a varied pace mile. Seven miles including the warm-ups.

Can I nap? I need to shower, find that easy chair.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Losing Weight, or Losing Ground?

Monday Check-in

134.0 lbs. (up)
47 - Pulse (up)

Weight is barely up to count, but it is against the trend of going down. I got up a lot last night and drank Sprite. My place was hot, it was cold.

My pulse is up a small amount too. I don't know why, but I am unconcerned. I know I had a tough week of workouts, and, over the last 31 days, have run over 100 miles. This will pay off, and is paying off.

The struggle to lose weight has been just that -- a struggle. I expected easier, quicker results. In my best days, I was under 110. 107. Now, at the same height (5'5.75"), I am still 23 lbs heavier. If I hit 100 miles per month (I am scheduled to run 120-130/month), this will be, naturally, 300 by September 9. I can be down to a very healthy 123-125 by then.

Beats the awful days of bronchitis which took me there though, so tired that going up stairs exhausted me. My lungs and endurance have never been the same, and, at 41, am finding a new foe. Thankfully, things are getting better.

Time to pour some coffee. New website project in the works. Drinking El Diablo, Intelligentsia today.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Phoning It In: More Salt in My Run

4.42 miles - 41:35 (9:24/mile)

total: 4.42 miles

Wind: SE at 4 mph
Humidity: 62%
course: COD Loop

Wind: SE at 7 mph
Humidity: 64%

Optimal running weather it isn't. Cooler, drier air would be nicer, but get with the program. This is Chicagoland. Salt glistens bitterly on my lips -- it was a good run.

With a race behind me yesterday, followed by a long afternoon in Grant Park downtown listening to blues, I awoke tired. Today was a "phone it in" run, the kind which I need to do just for the sake of continuity and fitness. These are the runs I skipped last year, the ones I made excuses for, and one reason why I missed the 20:00 mark.

It started slow, sped up, then slowed considerably as the heat found me.

Tomorrow's a day off, followed by a somewhat hard three miles on Tuesday.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cosley - Cream of Wheaton, Run for the Animals 5K: 96% Humidity, Good Race

Cosley Run for the Animals - Cream of Wheaton 5K 2008
Cosley Run for the Animals - Cream of Wheaton 5K as I finish.
In the first picture, you can see me on the far left. I am about to pass the guy in the white T-shirt and sunglasses (Sam Bridle, 411, though you can't see his number here). Close, on the right, I will eventually pass 1545. Tom Lanagan, 904, finished strong with a 22:06.1. I think that's John Wascow, the guy without a shirt, 2178, finishing in 22:16.9. I'm not sure about the others. The second is close to the finish. Click to see these bigger.

1 mile warm-up
3.1 mile race - 22:42.6 (7:19/mile)

total: 4.1 miles

At 6:37 am (race starts at 7:30)
Wind: SE at 3 mph
Humidity: 96%
course: Cosley - Cream of Wheaton, Run for the Animals 5K (results)

At 9:16 am
Wind: SW at 4 mph
Humidity: 89%

7:15s. I wanted 3.1x7:15 miles. Close. Not quite. I had 7:19s.

1 - 6:55
2 - 7:35
3 - 7:21 (last 1.1 was this pace)

First mile was around 6:55, so says Dave Christiansen who ran the 10K, but started with me. Too fast. Felt OK, but still, a slower start probably would have been better.

Second mile slowed considerably. This was partly decisive -- trying to adjust, partly tired, and partly hills. Third mile was about trying to finish well.

Although it was humid, I felt pretty good. Never fell out of it, but there is a point during the 2.25-2.75 mile ballpark I need to focus less on running and more on racing.

Jody ran a tough 10K, doing some age group damage. Steve Hess finished in a solid ninth in the 10K. Dave struggled, paying for the first mile more than I did. Bob Vishanoff took down four or so runners in the last 300 meters with a strong finish. Jeff Couch ran 21:00, staring down his sub-20:00 destiny. Paul Cook, though, blew out his age group with a 18:43.7.

Frank, Paul, Matt and a few others of the JSRC also ran in the 5 or 10K.

Two thumbs up for the organizers. Great start, well-structured, incredible volunteers, mile splits easily visible, plenty of water, bagels, bananas and juice afterwards.

Gotta feel good about this overall. I dropped 1:11 from my May 17 race, and ran my third quickest race since beginning last year. My recovery is good -- I feel great a couple of hours later.

Missing: better warm-up, striders, day before run (I gave into high heat, and took a two-hour nap instead), strong second mile.
Good: ran hard despite humidity, better warm-up than last race, 2:30 faster than this time last year.

Next race? PR.

Currently slated is a 4-miler. My goal, today, is 28:00. The course is hillier than Cosley. To run that will mean I run a 21:42 5K along the way. Things are making this look possible. I have four weeks of training until then, meaning my distance base should be better, plus another month of Jim's workouts.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hot and Steady: Short Workout on a Warm Day

15 minutes warmup vf
3x200 f (100)[400]
1x400 first 200 f, 2nd 200 g (400) - 1:32
1x400 first 200 g, 2nd 200 f (400) - 1:23
3x200 (100)

total: 4.875 miles

Mostly Cloudy
Wind: SE at 1 mph
Humidity: 57%
course: Wheaton College track

With humidity and heat, and races for almost everyone this weekend (Cosley Run for the Animals for most, and triathlons for others), Jim took a harder workout and slimmed it down.

The 200s were all around :42-44, and the 400s were 1:32 and 1:23. It was strange running them this way -- split in two pieces. First 200 faster, then easier, then vice versa. All felt comfortable, but I still need to run slower, within my race potential. Hopefully, this all will carry through to Saturday.

Saturday's goal is still 22:30, a 7:15 pace. 85°F | 70°F, Chance of storm. How this forecast survives, who knows? Cooler weather is needed. Felt red in the face today and doubt I would have thrived trough a longer workout.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Humid Was the Day: 440+ calories burned in slow-go

4.42 miles (41:06, 9:18/mile)

total: 4.42 miles

Mostly Cloudy
Wind: S at 0 mph
Humidity: 58%
course: COD Loop

Sunny out the door, but overcast within a mile. A better run than yesterday by :21/mile, so that's good, especially with Cosley Run for the Animals coming up Saturday.

Heat and humidity were in full form. Saturday will have this too, but with a 7:30 start time, things should be OK. Not a bad thing to get used to as the summer closes in.

For those of you interested in these things, my coach has a new website: I helped set it up, so if you see a typo, let me know.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sweatin to The Oldies: 60s Tunes Infect My Brain on Sweltering Run

4.92 miles - 47:33 (9:39/mile)

total: 4.92 miles

Mostly Cloudy
Wind: E at 1 mph
Humidity: 85%
course: COD Loop

Thankfully, Richard Simmons is not here with "Sweatin to The Oldies." The truth is the same though. Motown on the brain tonight. The Temptations. The Supremes. And plenty of sweat.

Better run than Sunday, but still slow. The heat was part of it, but I ran carefully.

Saw a guy with his car stalled, and helped him push it back.

For you desk jockeys:

Monday, June 2, 2008

Lighter, But Am I Leaner?

Monday Check-in

133.2 lbs. (down)
45 - Pulse (down)

Pulse is slightly under 46, and my weight landed digitally as described. Insignificant though, as I too well remember yesterday's terrible workout. How do I feel today? Too early to tell, but I am glad today is a "no training" day.

At first notice, my quads and inner thighs ache. What matters is how they feel tomorrow, when I have a 40-55 minute run.

Looks like I lost two pounds, but these things sway. Better lower than higher, but until there is a new number, there is not much significant to draw. If it drops under 130, then progress has been made. September 10, 2007, I recorded 133.2 as well.

Time to make some coffee, get this day going.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Not a Good Run

2.5 Miles

total: 2.5 miles

Wind: S at 0 mph
Humidity: 38%
course: COD Loop

What started as seven miles ended close to 2.5 miles. Why? Heat? Overtraining/running too hard yesterday? Last night's nausea? I don't know. Quads and calves feel tight and tired.

Found $0.83 in front of Glenbard South High School.

Saw a dead possum with babies still suckling.

Walked 1.5 miles home.

Not a good run.