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Thursday, June 21, 2007

200 times a bunch: short speedwork

2 mile wi
6x100 striders
200 (100) x 4
400 recovery
250 (150) x 3
400 recovery
250 (150) x 3 (200, then 50 in the grass)
600 wd

total: 5.34375 miles

Wind: E at 10 mph
Humidity: 43%
course: Wheaton College track

Today's butt-kicking was charged with hoping to see a break-through. The only break-through was that I started my second official month running with Jim and company. I held my speed mostly steady, running the 200s around :49-52.

I'm hungry, and spaghetti's on the boil. Tomorrow is a rest day, or a light, easy run under three miles. With the race coming up, I want to be as fresh as possible, well-fed, well-hydrated, with a good night's rest prior. For any foodies out there looking to carbo-load, or otherwise dine on exotic comfort, try some Hungarian goodies, namely, chicken paprikiash. Maybe grab a movie.

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