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Monday, June 18, 2007

I Feel Good (I knew that I would now)

Monday Check-in

135 lbs.
52 - Pulse

Feeling good. Upped my miles, and survived adequately. All body parts feel no inordinate pain. While my weight and pulse appear to remain steady, both, in fact, have toured lower numbers. Why on Monday morning when I do my 'official' check-in they will not drop to proportions appearing as progress, I don't know. I expect in a week or two for a break-through to happen, but that is of no real consequence so long as I keep on.

My pulse was last night 48, and, earlier this week, my weight was 130/131. The weight was after a run, and likely a hydration issue, but it was nice to see the fluctuation. My weight may have lowered already, but could be remaining steady as my appetite increases and as I build muscle.

All I can do is run. The rest falls into hands far superior to mine.

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