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Monday, January 21, 2008

Haile Gebrselassie Listens to Scatman

Scatman (ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop)In They’re Playing My Song. Time to Work Out, published in the New York Times, we learn Haile Gebrselassie has gained a musical edge. I had no idea what song they referred to, and checked it out. I like it.

So, Mr. Gebrselassie, you are fast, but now that I know your trick, you might see me shooting by. As soon as I can run one mile as fast as you run 26, I'll be on your tail.
Haile Gebrselassie, the Olympian from Ethiopia who has won the gold medal at 10,000 meters, often requested that the techno song “Scatman,” which has a B.P.M. of around 135, be played over the sound system during his races.
(for more running songs, see my growing running playlist of what works for me, and please comment with your songs)
Scatman (ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop)

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