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Friday, May 18, 2007

My Weekly Butt Kicking V.1

Thursdays at the Wheaton College track are my weekly butt kicking. It is clear I am not physically ready, and struggling to make it through a workout.

Why get my butt kicked each week?

Each week, I gain perspective. Running alone provides one view. Running hard with others provides another view.

Yesterday, I ran more than I have in a few years. While I lacked speed, I gained something else. Persistence? Endurance? Hard to say, since I'm still very tired. However, I am very confident that if I work hard, and smartly, that I will get closer to my goal. All of this effort is foundational, and, with a careful LSD program, I will be faster and stronger.

I need this. Explaining why is hard. I need to be challenged. On my own, I can challenge myself, but having someone else direct my workout draws me in a new way.

Today is a day off. Tomorrow, I'll try to run four slow miles. My speed, whatever that is. I'll waddle over to the COD track, and gallop as I can.

This time next month, say June 18, 2007, I will be looking back happily. I'll weigh less, having better cardio, have more endurance, and will have found strength in my legs. I will hardly have finished my ramping up, but will have moved forward.

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