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Friday, February 15, 2008

It's Like May 2007 All Over Again

3.1 miles (29:45ish, 9:35/mile)
0.52 hard walk

total: 3.62 miles
course: COD fitness center treadmill

In May of 2007, I started running again. My body, not used to the pain of training. Now, with my workouts, if I can even call them that, having dwindled to a mere once a week, I am aching from last night's run.

I ran at 10:00 for maybe 1.5 miles, then eeked it up a notch or two, with a faster last 0.3/mile. Foolish at this point. I need to discipline myself to keep the same pace.

My mind wasn't on running, though. 22 students were shot at Northern Illinois University. Seven so far, from what I have heard, are dead. It was all over the news, on the TVs in the gym. For those of you who pray, this is as good of reason as any. With the Tinley Park murderer still at large, it is a strange place to live. My own residence is 45-60 minutes from each place.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Madison-Chicago 200 Mile Relay

The Madison-Chicago 200 will take you on a scenic tour of the Madison-Milwaukee-Chicago corridor. The 200-mile course is divided into 36 Legs that teams of up to 12 members will navigate over a two day period. Teams will gather in Wisconsin's capital city of Madison on Friday, June 6th.

That's what Chris McElwee had the audacity to invite me to do. I've not said yes, and I've not said no. Looks like a fun time sweating with the oldies. The oldies would be the 12 of us.

As a runner, I'm intrigued. A new challenge. My 20:00 5K goal is intact, still unmet, and still a strong desire. This relay though, would be fun in the relational side of running. Running is so often, especially for adults, not a team sport. Here's a chance that it could be.

Stoked? Not yet. Eyebrow raised? Absolutely.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

So This Is What It Comes To?

3.1 miles, alternating running and hard walking
0.4 miles wd
total: 3.5 miles

course: COD treadmill

Out of shape. I admit it. It was never supposed to come to this. In May, last year, I threw it all down: fitness, speed, endurance. Now, in cold of winter I have become what I dread: lazy.

Blame it on life. Excuses. The time was there. I chose not to sort my days to allow for it. When a couple were free, I let them slip away.

True, as it warms I expect to run more. A good run is just a door knob twist away.

Tonight's run: a little walking, a little hard running. Walking was 15:00/mile, and running was around 6:39 /mile. I needed the speed to keep me engaged.

Tired. Ate some leftover Chicken Paprikash, drank a lot of water, and now, tired, will rest.