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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Legend of Hitchcock: Birds Overhead

Just got back from COD. Three miles (4,800 m)

Mile 1 - 9:25
Mile 2 - 18:47 (9:22)
Mile 3 - 27:59 (9:12)

It was my first outside run, discounting the track workout. I feel dragged, but my wind was OK. I never pressed, but started at an easy pace and stuck with it.

I feel I accomplished two things:
  1. Ran when I didn't feel like it.
    This will lead to fitness, which will lead to better runs.
  2. Ran a somewhat steady, quickening pace.

I need to learn to run again. This begins that education. Tomorrow afternoon, I will try to repeat the today's pace, but over four miles.

My form is shaky at best because of having been off the track, but also because my body is different. I am trying to relearn running from head to toe, literally, accommodating my heavier, older body.

Running at COD is different than at Wheaton College. My old high school track was in better shape in the 1980s than this one. Parts of the rubber coating are coming off, pieces of equipment were in the first lane, weeds poked through along the edge. The coating was low quality in general, not kept up well specifically.

COD is a leading community college in the United States in a financially strong county. That a small private college has a far superior track is strange.

When I arrived this afternoon, the sound of brown and white birds screamed in the infield. One flew close over my head, to let me know I was close to their nest. I have had this problem with red wing blackbirds and geese, so I took them seriously. I shook my keys, clapped my hands, and kept moving. A few laps later, the birds left. The legend of Hitchcock remains.


Kristi said...

Way to go, Tony! Keep it up. And keep looking for variety.

Kristi said...
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David Dane said...

I read your block oh Resiliant Hawk. Why have you started out running three miles? Ugh! Why not two miles. Well, that's better than the performance that I could put out. Here would be my workout run.
Mile 1-died from a heart attack
Mile 2-the coroner
Mile 3-we put the man in his grave

David Dane said...

I misspelled blog, I wrote block. Ooops.

David Dane said...

I finishe reading your historical blog for retraining yourself to run again. You want to run 6.6 minute miles after having not run for how many years? You went out and ran wind sprints with a bunch of runners and you wonder why you ache like crazy? Um? After reading this I am now inspired to just walk. Dude, nice and easy does it. You have to slow down conditioning yourself. And I would say 9.29 a mile after having not run for years is real good. You are overstriving here. I used to be a ten miler. It took me years to get there. Then my knees gave out.

Resilient Hawk said...

Two days doth not a runner make, but thanks Kristi & David. Hopefully, I can stick with it. Keeping the blog will helps. The May 2007 Runner's World suggestes it.

And, David, it is not that I have not run in years. I have. Training is different than running. I have casually gone out for a number of runs over the years. Kristi, who also posted here, and I used to hit the Wheaton Rec Center track. I had recently beeing going to COD's fitness lab using their treadmills, but, again, casual.

By training, I mean that I have a focus, and, with the Thursday track club meetings, genuine workouts designed by an expert.

My immediate, basic goal, is fitness with an eye toward speed. Next, is chopping away at a 5K time, aiming for 20:00 (6:27/mile). That might take all summer, or longer. I have no idea. It is something to shoot for.