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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mile 1 - 7:27; Mile 2 - 7:38 - Fat Tony Revealed

Fat TonyMile 1 - 7:27 (400)
Mile 2 - 7:38 (400)
800 - 1:58 (400)

Total: 3.25 miles

Wind: S at 9 mph
Humidity: 49%
course: COD track

I intended to do 1 mile x 4 @ 7:50. I started too fast, and didn't slow when I realized it. The second mile was the same. The final 800 was meant to be a mile, but, by then, I ran out of gas. Humidity hardly helped.

The upside is I did do two miles under 7:45. If I start my pace as intended Saturday, I should be OK.

Picture above, a little blurry, is Fat Tony. I look awful, don't I? Why post such an unflattering photo? Hopefully because in two months, Fat Tony will be replaced by not-so-Fat Tony.


Steven Knoerr said...

Ah, my eyes! It burns!

Resilient Hawk said...

Burn as they might, it ain't because I'm hot. If, based on my build and pace, it takes around 35 miles to burn one pound (not counting any other weight loss technique, like food intake reduction), then, by September 30, by which date I am hoping to beat 20:00 for a 5K, I will have lost another 10 lbs. That 20 miles/week x 122 days (June 1 to Sept. 30)That's 10 fewer to carry, which, not only should make me faster, but also reduce that awkward mid-section flab.

I know weight loss is not that simple, but the general direction of exercise = weight loss still applies. If I lose only five lbs in those four months, I'm still better off, albeit still eye-burning flabby.