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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Six Miles With Hills (over five days)

Travelling this week, I missed three workout days. In short, I ran around six miles with hills.

Saturday-Monday, rest. I needed a day's rest after a harder four miles on Friday, but three days in a row was not planned.

Tuesday, I ran a there-and-back totalling 1.8 miles. In Tennessee, they have hills we in Illinois rarely see, so I found it challenging to move forward. Where I was staying was up on a small hill. As a result, my runs started on a downhill, so a cadence was hard to get into. The terrain was different, as I ran alongside a road without an easy shoulder. Cars would not go out of their way to miss me, forcing me to run halfway into a ditch. No idea how how long it took.

Wednesday was like Tuesday, only farther. I took a different route, on similar roads, going for 41:23. I'm guessing I ran 3.5 miles. On one hand, I took it easy. On the other, the hills, as gentle as they seem in the car, slowed me down.

With the long drive each way, and staying with friends, I could not control my diet, water intake or frequency. More fast food during the drives (including two Sonic corn dogs, and a Chick-fil-A shake). Key to my success involves the dropping of a few pounds, and proper hydration.

Today is the Spivey workout. Jim's schedule re-re-arranged (he had switched it to Tuesday for this week), so now I can go. I'm not sure he'll be there, or just be sending the workout in. Either way, the mix of hills (a good thing) and few days running (a bad thing) will show up tonight.

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