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Monday, May 28, 2007

Steady as (He) Goes

Monday Check-in

137 lbs.
50 - Pulse

Feeling good. My weight is jostling a little for the better, but I don't know how much is water weight lost when I hit the scale. I have not gone over 140 lbs for awhile, and my pulse is slowly (pun intended) is dropping. I have measured it at 48, but, for the record, today for my Monday check-in, it is 50.

The last seven days were over 20 miles (21.9 miles [est]), a first in years. Also, I had no more than two skipped days (as opposed to three) this week.

My speed hasn't yet found me, but the miles are less exhausting than they have been. I'm really still at the fitness building stage, and should not expect a major break through. I'm just looking for my pace, form and groove.

The Spivey track workouts are going better. Although I have not created much noise on the track, I am surviving much better than my first week. I officially joined, committing, at least, to continue through the next month ($40).

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