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Monday, May 21, 2007

Erratic Workouts Make for No Real Change

Monday Check-in

138 lbs.
51 - Pulse

Feeling good. My lower calves (just above my Achilles) have a mild ache, especially my right. My inner thighs took a beating from Thursday's Spivey workout, but the ache seems to have subsided. The erratic workouts have not helped, though I think I generally maintained where I was two weeks ago. My diet was flopsy, adding to the hindrance of weight-loss. Likewise, my sleeping has not been as good as could be. I don't know the impact, but it has meant a sluggish feeling overall.

I have had three days off, more than I prefer, since Thursday, if I don't count yesterday's mile hike at Starved Rock State Park (from the lodge to the St. Louis Canyon and back). Nice walk, but not exactly a workout.

The next few weeks look to be trouble-free as far as getting out for consistent runs.

Today, I hope to run 4-5 slow miles on the track. I'm not sure what pace. Maybe 9:00/mile. The distance looks, still, strangely long. In younger days, I would scoff at four miles thinking it was an extremely easy day. Now, I wonder of I will finish it. I'm hoping this will change, and a long run becomes a fun gallop.

Tomorrow, maybe I'll do something shorter and faster.

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