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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Run for the Hungry Children - 5K - Wheaton Academy

I went to watch my friend Bob V. run the Run for the Hungry Children, a 5K starting at Wheaton Academy in West Chicago. He won his age group with a 19:26 (6:16 mile). A 5:50 first mile caused him pain later, as he was shooting for a 6:00-15 pace.

His goal is to run an 18:30. He thinks the 20:00 5K I'm aiming for will be easy, but he's remarkably, astoundingly fit. Me? Not so much.

The winning time was 17:59 (see results) on what Bob tells me is a slow course.

He asked me if it was hard watching the race without running. It was. I'm not ready yet. Racing too early might discourage me. I do not expect to run under 20:00 my first time out, but I want to run hard.

Beautiful weather (upper 60s) well-run race as far as small races go. 100% of the proceeds went to Bright Hope (helps hungry kids in Zambia) - $10K in all. It was a community race, so I saw many people I knew.

Bob says about the race:

[The race is] in support of Wheaton Academy's Zambia project, an effort to bring life-saving infrastructure aid to Kakolo Village in Zambia. According to UNAIDS, in Zambia alone 650,000 children have been orphaned due to AIDS. Half of all Zambian children suffer from malnutrition. This year's project aims to add on to the school building built through previous projects, extending it up to grade nine. [My wife] and I have been significantly changed by learning about AIDS and poverty, and have found it is a joy to help ease suffering in any way we can.

How can someone not want to help? A $20 race fee seems insignificant when it means that 100% of that twenty bucks will be directed toward Zambia.