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Monday, May 21, 2007

Galloway's Book on Running - Jeff Galloway

Galloway's Book on Running 2 Ed

"Galloway's Book on Running" by Jeff Galloway has become a running classic, providing the basics about running, training, and racing for years.

Galloway does not presume the runner is a casual "New Year's Resolution" jogger who will likely quit in a month. Instead, he looks to build a foundation of sensible workouts, leading to genuine fitness, endurance and speed.

He gives instruction of every detail important to new and intermediate runners, from stretching to hydration, from injury management to weight loss, from running for kids to running after age 40.

Especially useful for runners looking to transition from running occasionally, to running as a lifestyle. Whether for fitness or for racing, there is enough here to progress through to the next stage. Galloway presents training charts, for example, for those looking to run a 5K. If your goal is to finish the 3.1 mile race, or to run about 17:00, there is a chart customizing the necessary training -- four charts per distance (5K, 10K and half-marathon).

Shoes are a key part of a runner's uniform, and there's a chapter on that. There are also sections focused on women's running, the mental aspects of running, and proper form.

Jeff Galloway's credentials as a runner are topnotch, but he has years of experience training runners at all levels. I am convinced this book will provide all a runner needs at those crucial early levels and beyond. I fully recommend "Galloway's Book on Running," and gave it as a gift to a friend this Christmas.

Anthony Trendl

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