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Monday, May 7, 2007

Dismal Days Are Here Again

Mile 1 - 9:04
Mile 2 - 18:45 (9:41)
Mile 3 - 29:33.61 (10:48)
course: COD track
Wind: S at 15 mph
Humidity: 41%

Not a good showing. I started off feeling fine, and chugged miserably to the finish. As yesterday, a fourth mile was intended, not achieved.

Causes suspected:

  • Poor eating. Had coffee and Ramen, two slices of potato bread. That's it.
  • Hotter than I am used to
  • The out of shape blues coming through loud and clear

Spaghetti's boiling. Carbo loading? Nope. I just like spaghetti. There's no carbo loading at three miles anyway.

I am thinking a rest day tomorrow might be in order. I'd prefer running tomorrow, then resting on Wednesday, but I'll need to play it by ear. I have a meeting that might interfere with Wednesday afternoon's workout. Besides, I would like to be better rested for Thursday.

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