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Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Earned My Half Stick of Gum

I'll bet I don't get this right. My mind was wandering all day, and still was bouncing when I hit the track.

Warmup - easy 3/4 mile or so.
600 - 1:45 first 400, not sure for full 600
400 - 1:49
200 - :50
200 - :51
400 - 1:51
Cool down - easy 1/2 mile or so.
course: Glenbard West track
Wind: S at 4 mph
Humidity: 45%

Everyone else did something else. I'm not sure if it was mercy or wisdom that caused Jim to pull back from my plan, but it seemed to be a good idea.

As far as times, I don't know. Those are guesses. I forgot my watch. For all the coffee I drink, I'd think one of my synapses would show up and dance. They owe me.

I felt good, worked hard and earned my half-stick of gum.

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