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Monday, May 7, 2007

All's Well That Starts Well: Feeling Good to Begin the Week

Monday check-in

138 lbs. (According to my questionable bathroom scale)
64 - Pulse (after a big cup of coffee, being awake several hours, and a walk across the street)

Thighs are feeling better than they have since Thursday.
Calves are a little sore, but also better.

Overall, I'm feeling good. I'm debating whether or not to run this afternoon. I might need the rest, but the weather isn't looking good for Tuesday and Wednesday. I committed to at least three runs by Thursday. While I don't know that my commitment is irrevocable, I need to do my best.

A friend mentioned he is running Run for the Hungry Children, a 5K starting at Wheaton Academy on May 19. I'd love to jump in, but think it is too early. The cause is good, so I hope they receive a great turnout. I'll do my best to be there and cheer him on.

I am gearing up for a leisurely first 5K with my wife, at her pace. That will be the Cosley Run for the Animals, June 2.

Yesterday's run, although not as I intended, showed me that I probably could run in the low 26s, or, in the 25s in a 5K race situation. Maybe I will test this on the track in a week or two, just to see what kind of juice I have got. It wouldn't be all out, but a hard pace aimed at hitting a precise time.


David Dane said...

Dude, "I feel your pain." As for the run for the animals. Dude I run from the animals not for them.
And, I will continue to walk thank you very much.

David Dane said...

Dude, go digital on that scale.