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Saturday, May 5, 2007

My Achy Break Body Hurts Two Days Later

I'm still sore.

The track workout was Thursday. Today is Saturday. I said I would get in 3-4 runs before next Thursday. I skipped yesterday, and hope to hit COD's track this afternoon. The math is against me if I don't run today.

Frankly, as sore as I am, I would rather skip. If it were the kind of sore that comes from injury, I could justify it. It isn't. It is just plain old out of shape blues in body ache form.

My inspirations for wanting to return to form are many, and will wait until later entries. One though, worth noting has been a friend's persistent effort to lose weight. He eloquently records his journey of dropping pounds on his blog, with a whimsical ditty or two, My Weight Loss Poems.

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