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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Three Miles - 27:00

Mile 1 - 8:45
Mile 2 - 17:45 (9:00)
Mile 3 - 27:00.96 (9:16)
Course: COD track
light wind on last stretch
66 degrees

My intention was four miles, 9:15 each. My time-sense is off. Instead of four miles, I was pretty tired at three miles and thought it better to finish strong rather than exhausted at this time of the game

Starting a little faster was no help, especially as my first 400 was at 2:05. I finished my last 400 in 2:05 too, hoping to finish under 27:00, just to say I did. There was more left in the tank, but I did not run today intending to sprint.

Next time.

Today's victory was not that I ran four miles - that never happened, but that I ran two days in a row despite being tired. Tomorrow, I will shoot for four miles, and hope I start slower.

Looking at 20:00 for not just three miles, but three miles plus a smidgen more seems crazy. I can't see that far. I can, however, see 26:00 in the not too far future.

Tomorrow's goal is today's - four miles @ 9:15 each.

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