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Monday, July 2, 2007

Heavier and Slower Isn't Always Bad

Monday Check-in

136 lbs. (up 1 lb)
48 - Pulse (down 3 beats)

Feeling OK. My miles increased.

My weight is up by a pound, but steady all around. Not significant enough to consider it an increase. I don't know what to attribute the weight consistency. I must be eating more, but I'm not sure where in my diet the extra calories are sneaking in. While weight loss is important to me, I also know fitness matters more than weight. If I'm trading fat for muscle, then I have no complaints. Weight loss will follow another good month of long runs. If I can average 25 miles a week for five weeks, I should be running enough to lose about four pounds. I dare not be aggressive in weight loss while piling on miles.

My resting pulse, though, has dropped a few beats. I'm guessing that's the product of some longer runs and a good night's rest.

No aches or pains. I may retain a second opinion on that after this afternoon's run, but, for now, I feel good.

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