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Monday, July 16, 2007

Down Doobie Down Down Down (Goes My Weight & Pulse)

Monday Check-in

134 lbs. (down 1 lb)
48 - Pulse (down 1 beat)

Feeling OK. Calves are feeling tight. Hopefully they feel fine after today's gallop. Need to work on general fitness issues: stretching, hydrating, warming up properly. These basics are what I ignore the most, but each is key to running well.

My weight has been fluctuating with hydration:sweating. I don't know what is the correct weight. I lose a few pounds in a run, but do not gain all back immediately. Mondays are probably more accurate as I rarely run on a Sunday and have had at least a full day's recovery. My weight has been at or just above 130, but has yet to break into the 129 realm.

Hard to say if I am making substantial progress. No single area has shone out as a success, especially time. If anything I can be well pleased with it is consistency in my workouts. This may be a moral victory only, but I have been getting out at least three times a week for around two months.

It occurred to me that I might plateau while the temperature is hot, and as I replace fat with muscle, with a major time drop in the fall when the temperature drops.

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