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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Four Miles - 32:57.86 - Freedom Four Miler Fizzles

Freedom Four Glen Ellyn800 wu
4 Miles - 32:57.86 (my watch, not official)
400 wd

total: 4.75

Mostly Cloudy
Wind: SW at 6 mph
Humidity: 100%
course: Freedom Four, Glen Ellyn

Mostly Cloudy
Wind: W at 9 mph
Humidity: 84%


I'm in yellow. That's my snazzy new JSRC singlet. It will fit better as I slim down.

I sucked wind. Slowly starting, never getting into a cadence that felt right, it turned out to be a non-race. There's nothing speed-wise I can take as a moral victory, but I can just add it as a good run. Not a race. Just a strong workout. Next time.

The race itself was not as well organized as the Cosley Race, with poor starting, no timing chips, too many tables to register. Food and water was hard to find. As these things go, there is room for improvement.

Dick Pond Shoes had the shoe van there, and people with race flyers were all over. The community showed up, either running or cheering us on.

The guy in the Superman suit (I"m not kidding) was there. He's a Glen Ellyn icon. I have never met him, but, like anyone who has lived here awhile, know of his legend.

We met our friends Kim and Brandt, who both ran. Brandt finished just in front me, though I never saw him. A good turnout from the JSRC was there, with Rudi, Steve, Mike, Rich, Margaret and Lynda all there. Lynda didn't run, but was there to show moral support.

  • Mile 1 - 8:11
    I started far back. Although it 'only' took 12 seconds to cross the starting line, the crowd before me shuffled. I never hit my stride.

  • Mile 2 - 16:26 (8:15)
    More crowds, though dispersed some. By this time, I realized I would not hit my goal.

  • Mile 3 - 24:50 (8:24)
    Hills were strong, and the heat started getting to me. Resigned to making it a good run, I settled into whatever pace I had.

  • Mile 4 - 32:57 (8:07)
    I picked it up a little, but never really pushed. A little kick at the end, but nothing serious, as the finishing shoot was confusing.

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