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Saturday, July 14, 2007

5.5 miles 51:07 - 620 calories

5.5 miles
.3 miles wd

total: 5.8 miles

Mostly Cloudy
Wind: SW at 22 mph
Humidity: 50%
course: Springbrook Prairie

Springbrook Prairie at the 5.5 mile markerA new path for me, a 5.5 mile loop with a crushed gravel surface. Met Chris from New Zealand, and his wife Tammy. He's a triathlete, and she's training for the Lake Tahoe Marathon.

Ran most of my run with Bruno, a recent transplant from France, slightly behind me. He ran the loop twice, so my hat's tipped. He gave me tips where to turn. I hope I see him again.

My pace was around 9:17. Steady within 10 seconds either way. Felt good, discounting some minor aching in my calves.

I plan to be back there. Only two street crossings, markers every half mile. Mildly graduated hills, friendly runners. Less crowded that the Illinois Prairie Path. Looks like a good place for a runner looking to put in miles without risking 10 miles out and back. Instead, a 20-miler would be about for loops. Easy to bow at anytime.

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