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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

5.5 miles LSD 52:52 (9:36)

5.5 miles 52:52 (9:36)
400 wd

Wind: N at 0 mph
Humidity: 84%
136.2 kbs
course: Springbrook Prairie

Wind: N at 7 mph
Humidity: 64%
133.0 lbs.

Starting slower, ay 9:22, I thought I might last 11 miles. I bowed out at 5.5. Heat, no wind. Might be a sign to switch back a few days to the Illinois Prairie Path, for a change in pace.

Am I tired because it is my third day in a row? I tracking my mileage in rolling weeks as well as Sunday to Saturday, and today completes 27.41 miles. That's a longer week for me. Also completes 97.23 miles for July.

Tomorrow is a day off, then the Spivey workout. The heat is looking serious, with 87-90 predicted when we run Thursday. Pizza afterwards.

Saw a toad on the road. Small, recently a tadpole. Sprinkled some water on it, thinking it might feel it refreshing.

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