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Sunday, August 10, 2008

This Way and That: Sunday Morning Running

8 miles - 71:42 (8:58/mile)

total: 8 miles

Wind: NW at 2 mph
Humidity: 79%
course: Illinois Prairie Path south from zero

That's the weather a little later. I left in a hurry to meet Jody at the zero marker for an easy gallop to the four mile marker and back, forgetting to grab the temp.

Stayed close to 8:45-9:00 most of the way. Mild (very mild) hills. Flat, really. Conversational pace throughout. Slightly slower on the way back. Most importantly, all was relaxed, and completed before church. As my schedule may change significantly soon, I need to get in morning runs, and this was a good start.

My best time for eight miles is 69:32 - 8:41/mile. I have no doubt we could have run faster than this, but the goal was "very fresh," coach Jim Spivey's term for pretty easy warm-up pace. It does not mean, "All out, fast as you can, record time."

Mile/Pace (I don't remember the others)
1 - 8:44
2 - 8:57
Halfway - 35:36 (8:54)

This completes a 7-day mileage high of 37.65, and a 31-day mileage high of 132.25.

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