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Thursday, August 28, 2008

400 PR During An 800 PR?

3200 meters warmup
4x150 f (50)[400]
3x200 gfgf (100)[5 m's]
800 m (1st lap f, 2nd lap g -- 94, 82)
jog 4m's vf
2 x150 f (50)
500 wd

tota: 5.0 miles

Wind: SE at 2 mph
Humidity: 71%

course: Wheaton College track

I felt shaky during the warmup, running 8:45 out and 8:30 back with Dave Christensen. I mentioned to him that sometimes, it gets frustrating -- who will show up? Good Tony or Bad Tony? Both made the trip tonight. As I slogged through the warmup, I wondered if this would be as last night. My 40:00 run was shot -- ran 41 seconds, felt entirely out of it, and went home.

With a race Saturday, tonight's workout was adjusted slightly. My 800 was scheduled as a mile, and my 2 x150 was originally 3 x200.

All felt at ease, even the 800s. My PR for the 800, set on a treadmill, is 2:50, but my outdoor 800 maybe around 2:58. I need to sleuth that out, looking through my blog to see. Still, no matter what, I feel good about the 2:56 because at no point was I straining, and finished with a 400 PR. It had been :83, but I knicked a second off. What if I ran a little harder for the first 400? There was a :12 difference. There was supposed to be maybe :05 between the first and second. I think a 2:50 was possible, maybe even 2:47.

All speculation. What matters now is Saturday's race. Resting well, hydrating thoroughly, eating intelligently, and racing the race.

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