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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Good Cause, Good Effect: 2008 PADS Run

Mike 'Goatboy' DeMeritt, a fellow Jim Spivey Running Club member, has taken on the noble task of helping coordinate volunteers for the 2008 PADS Run/Walk (details below). As such, he sent out a mass e-mail asking for help. I'm hoping I can help.

One way is by asking you western Chicago area runners to get involved, either as a runner or volunteer. If neither, just give some money. Simple as that. This is a fundraising race. See the PADS site donation page, and drop in a few bucks.

Road races are always pulled off successfully because of hearty volunteers, from the person shooting a starting gun to timers, to people stuffing t-shirts into goodie bags to those wonderful people manning (and womanning?) water tables.

Wanna volunteer? Call Jen Williams: 630.682.3846 x242

My experience with PADS has been helping at a church where men and women without a home of their own slept and had meals in the cold Chicago winter months. Winter starts early and ends late here in the Midwest, and unlike the City of Chicago, we have no centralized homeless mission, at least not in Glen Ellyn/Wheaton. Instead, area churches volunteer people and church space, as well as cooking facilities, to provide a safe, warm sleeping space, with dinner and breakfast. That's not all PADS does, though. There are other kinds of housing and support.

For many years while living in Bloomington, IL I helped at the Home Sweet Home Ministries. My main task involved leading a weekly Bible study in the county jail, but also helping ex-offenders once released. Some become homeless, and need a place like PADS. Ex-offenders are exactly that -- they did what they did, paid their dues, and now, are trying to get back on their feet.
Run and walk.
Run = 5K, 10K. CARA certified.
Walk = 3K (about 1.86 miles)

Saturday, September 6th
Starting time 8:00 A.M.

DuPage PADS Support Center
703 West Liberty
Wheaton, IL 60187

This event supports DuPage PADS, a non-profit agency committed to end and prevent homelessness in DuPage County by providing safe and hospitable housing solutions, support, and advocacy for men, women, and children who are homeless.

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