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Monday, August 11, 2008

Busting Ghosts and Not Losing Weight

Monday Check-in

131.0 lbs. (up)
49 - Pulse (up)

A strong week of running, culiminating yesterday in a comfortable eight-mile run and 37.65 miles accumulated. A couple course PRs makes all look promising. Still, it ain't progress unless there's progress. Since my goal is singular: break 20:00 for a 5K, then getting closer to that in a race is the only progress that counts. Still, the evidence is favorable. I need a race to find out.

My weight is more or less the same, but not drastically down as I expected. I weighed in very low a few days last week, but, today, my official weight day, I am above. I hope all those sit-ups are adding muscle weight. The scale was not as friendly as it had been.

Just for fun:

Ghost Busters (look for all the cameos at the end)

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