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Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm Gonna Be Sore: Hills and Remembering

13 minutes warmup
tempo run - 9:00 out and back
jog to the hill
2 hills
3x1 minutes (1) on the path back to the cars

total: around 6.5 miles

Wind: N at 0 mph
Humidity: 94%
course: Blackwell Forest Preserve

Today was all about the hill. A warmup, 18:00 of a tempo run, and a neat little mountain goat jog, then the Hill.

Last night's run was good, but not a lot of hours have passed since then. Maybe under 12. I ran decently this morning, but my legs remember what they just did. I came home, I watched the ending of the opening ceremonies to the Olympics, and went to sleep. Back at it at 7:30 am, and there we were.

A good group came out, including a few young runners, two from Wheaton Academy, one from West Chicago High School.

My 31-day mile count it at a new high. It has been creeping up, and now is at 130.87. Tomorrow's run should bring it up another mile or two.

I'm thinking that this year might not be my year to break 20:00. My races have not shown the kind of improvement I think I should see. I still think I will drop my 22:00 PR a minute, maybe more, but to drop it two minutes, when my year's best is 22:42, seems unlikely. This year might be about preparing for next year. Will I try? Of course. Will I leave it all on the race course? You bet. Will I break 20:00. Maybe not.

Meanwhile, USA and Japan are neck-and-neck in women's volleyball. I don't understand how all this is scored, other than hitting the ball out of bounds or letting hit the ground in bounds. Tragedy underscores it all though, as a Chinese man killed the father-in-law of US Olympic volleyball coach.

Unrelated: Bernie Mac died.

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