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Monday, August 25, 2008

Ageless? Hardly. Dead? Not Yet.

Monday Check-in

130.2 lbs. (down)
48 - Pulse (up)

From age to age, God is still the same. Me, no, no. 42 is coming on strong, and I'm not the same.

With Saturday's long bike ride (34 miles), my legs are tired. My calves are tight, and my left hamstring aches. What impact the bike has on running fitness I have no idea. I do know last night's 4.2 miler was a tough one.

My mileage dropped as low as 18.1 miles, the first 7-day period I have been under 20 miles since July 4. The good news is, compared to last August, I am far ahead of the game. That is not counting the bike ride. There was no riding in 2007.

Weight remains steady although slightly lower, pulse slid up a spot or two.

Overall, I believe I am continuing to get fitter. Last Thursday's track workout had a few bright areas, my weight is slowly edging down, aerobically I am stronger. I need a race to find out, but am rethinking the wisdom of racing this weekend. I need a long run. Can't reasonably do both. Waffling here.

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