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Sunday, June 15, 2008

100 Meters to a Marathon: Sub-20 5K Paced Out

According to the McMillan Running Calculator, if I can run sub-20 for a 5K, I should be able to, with the proper related training, run the following paces for 100 meters to the marathon. The only time I am close to is 200 meters.

I tested McMillan's chart with my real PRs from way back when. Very accurate. How accurate will it be now, as I am not training with the same intensity? Only time will tell, but it serves as a guide for both current and potential times. My 22:42 applied to a 4 M run indicates a 29:41 is possible. The distance is close enough to presume my training is correct; it isn't going from 100 meters to a marathon.

The formula cannot know race day conditions, or my fitness. On July 4, I will be fitter, but the course will be more challenging than on June 7. If the formula can show me anything for July 4, I can be pretty sure sub-28:00 for 4 M will not happen. A good race from me can turn out a 28:30, though. Maybe I will shoot for that (equivalent to a 21:47 5K).

Event 100m 200m 400m 500m 800m 1000m 1500m
Time 17 34 01:11.1 01:32.7 02:36.1 03:24.0 05:21.4
Event Mile 2000m 3000m 2M 4000m 3M 5000m
Time 05:46.1 07:18.8 11:27.6 12:18.6 15:39.4 19:16 19:59
Event 4M 8000m 5M 10K 15K 10M 20K
Time 26:08:00 32:56:00 33:07:00 41:31:00 1:04:20 1:09:33 1:27:32
Event 13.1M 15M 25K 30K 20M 25M Marathon
Time 1:32:22 1:46:32 1:51:12 2:15:15 2:26:16 3:04:23 3:14:49


D.M. said...

Seems like your a pretty good runner. I once tried cross country but I was never competitive in it so I didnt continue running. I only wonder if I would of continued if I would of ever been good at the sport.

Resilient Hawk said...

These days, DM, I am a plugger. That chart indicates what I hope I can run, not a time I have run recently.

Great post on your blog: very touching. You are a good writer, and the video - wow!