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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Good Fruit Found in a Good Run - 5.92 miles - 51:10 (8:39/mile)

5.92 miles - 51:10 (8:39/mile)

total: 5.92 miles

Wind: SE at 0 mph
Humidity: 45%
course: COD Loop

Took three laps around the neighborhood, then stomped through my 4.42 mile route. My pace was not consistent, but more or less relaxed. The humidity did not seem to slow me down, but even as I type, I'm dripping several pounds away.

Looking at my recent progress, and accumulated mileage, especially as it differs from this point last year, I am gaining confidence that my race times will drop.

My miles for June are now at 92.22, the most since August, when I had 102.85, and my fourth most all said. This should turn into my highest mileage overall, near-abouts 110.

May 3 through today, I am at 174.35 miles. Same period last year: 134.76 miles. What does 40 more miles of fitness look like? Two four mile runs on June 19-20 in 2007 were 34:34 (8:37) and 34:50.09 (8:42) respectively. June 22 on this year, two days ago, I ran four miles in 30:42 (7:40/mile). This is comparing oranges to tangerines, though, as none of these were races, and last year I ran that on the Prairie Path. All good fruit just the same.

Saw Matt Jewell on babysitting duty along the way, back from his vacation, looking tan and relaxed.

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