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Monday, June 23, 2008

Top Twenty Posts: Racing, Running, Guts and Bandannas

Below are a collection of posts that have garnered the most interest. These are either commentary pieces, or stories about fun races or places to run. Some deal with my passion for running and racing and why. Unlike my workout reports, these should be more timeless.

  1. Clocks Never Lie: Why I Like Racing

  2. Crash and Burn: A Personal Critical Look

  3. Difficulty With Mediocrity

  4. Dreaming the Possible Dream - Beyond 20:00

  5. Impatience Only Hurries Frustration

  6. Marquette Park Track Club

  7. My Weekly Butt Kicking V.1

  8. My Weekly Butt Kicking V.2

  9. No Fan of Found at the Runner's Dilemma

  10. Racing vs. Running

  11. Runner's Dilemma, Part I

  12. Swallow Cliff - A Great Woody Run

  13. T-Shirt Tales: Crete, IL 1983, Crete-Monee Pow-wow

  14. T-Shirt Tales: Fresno, CA, 1983, AAU Nationals

  15. Thinking Mid-stride: What Do Runners Think About?

  16. Walkin' With the Wild Things: An Argument for Walking

  17. Who Coaches Your Run to the Father? Lordship in an Era of Individuality

  18. Why (and How) Four Sheep Had Their Hooves on Backwards: A Tale (runners are characters)

  19. Will China Ruin the Beijing Olympics?

  20. Willie Nelson Joins My Campaign? (on red bandannas)

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