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Monday, June 9, 2008

Losing Weight, or Losing Ground?

Monday Check-in

134.0 lbs. (up)
47 - Pulse (up)

Weight is barely up to count, but it is against the trend of going down. I got up a lot last night and drank Sprite. My place was hot, it was cold.

My pulse is up a small amount too. I don't know why, but I am unconcerned. I know I had a tough week of workouts, and, over the last 31 days, have run over 100 miles. This will pay off, and is paying off.

The struggle to lose weight has been just that -- a struggle. I expected easier, quicker results. In my best days, I was under 110. 107. Now, at the same height (5'5.75"), I am still 23 lbs heavier. If I hit 100 miles per month (I am scheduled to run 120-130/month), this will be, naturally, 300 by September 9. I can be down to a very healthy 123-125 by then.

Beats the awful days of bronchitis which took me there though, so tired that going up stairs exhausted me. My lungs and endurance have never been the same, and, at 41, am finding a new foe. Thankfully, things are getting better.

Time to pour some coffee. New website project in the works. Drinking El Diablo, Intelligentsia today.

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