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Monday, June 16, 2008

2.2 Pounds Lighter on a Sunny Monday

Monday Check-in

131.8 lbs. (down)
48 - Pulse (up)

Pulse is up a beat or two. Is that residual from yesterday afternoon's run? That's my guess. Otherwise, I feel good. Nice to start a rest day already rested, save for a bit of morning hay fever.

Weight, though, is significantly down. Last week, 134 was it, and my trusty scale isn't trusty. High then, low now? Still, lower beats higher.

I put in 29.75 miles for the week ending yesterday, and have reduced my meal portions, and I must be losing something. Overall, for the month, I am up to 55.71 miles (more than January through March combined).

My rolling 31-day mileage is at 112.97, and is the 11th consecutive day above 100 (through June 19, as I have accumulated enough to hold at 100 until then). My highest is 115.0 miles, completed September 10, 2007, but, if I run consistently this week, this will be surpassed as early as Wednesday, peaking near 145 in mid-July. Looks today like I will put in around 121.39 miles for the month, depending on Jim's next workout schedule.

Yesterday's long run - I wonder how long before it has a fitness impact? While it felt easy, it was slow. That's partly because the distance intimidated me some, and I had such a bad run Saturday that I wanted my body to let me know quickly it was not ready. It is one thing to walk home a mile, and another thing to walk four.

My left knee feels a slight ache. Not the patella, but the little bone on the left, right below. Today's rest will do it well.

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