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Monday, June 30, 2008

Nothing from Nothing: No Action, No Change

Monday Check-in

132.6 lbs. (up)
48 - Pulse (up)

Nothing'from nothin' leaves nothin. Didn't run. Didn't lose weight. Jus' didn't.

Wedding over the weekend in Iowa smashed my running opportunities. All for a good cause, as I stood as a bookend at a vineyard in Indianola, Iowa, watching an old friend make a new vow.

What this means: weight and pulse made no real changes. Three days off, and today will make four. Tomorrow is the Spivey workout, the day adjusted to meet our race needs (most of us are racing Frday).

In other words, everything is out of whack. How will this affect my race aspirations?

Billy Preston - Nothing from Nothing (1975)

1 comment:

David Diego said...

I saw Billy Preston on Saturday Night Live last Saturday and he was wearing gerry curls. He looks better with his big afro! :)