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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Some Like It Hot (Those Would Be Other People)

3200 meters warmup
6x100 striders
3x150 f (50)[400]
3x200 fgfg (100)[600]
1xmile (1st lap f, 2nd lap g, 3rd lap f, last lap g) - 6:57
jog for 4 minutes vf (about 600 for me)
2x400 (1 minute stand) f
400 meters warmdown

total: 5.96875 miles

Wind: S at 6 mph
Humidity: 50%
course: Wheaton College track

My legs are tired from yesterday, and from Tuesday.

My miles have been accumulating as well, though I probably am benefiting more than hurting from this. My 31-day cycle of miles has been above 75 miles since May 17 all but one day, and above 80 all but one day since May 21. Big miles? No, but more than last year.

Even a slight increase will make a difference. Five more miles a week can't help but influence my race times in a good way, especially as overtraining is not an even a question yet. It quickens the weight loss side of fitness, which is no small thing. If I drop five lbs, I drop almost 4% of my weight. If that is useless fat, then I can't help but speed up. Get to 125 lbs, where I should probably be, I will have left behind 6%. The dividends this will pay in a race in exciting to consider.

Strong storms are predicted, with 85°F. Even if there is no rain, plenty of heat. One way or another, it will be a tough day.

The Workout
Hot, hot, hot. Some like it hot. I don't. Cool as a cucumber here, daddio, but not tonight.

Jim said if we were tired (and I am), to focus on the mile (which I did). He calls it the in and out mile. No idea why, but it means to start relaxed, then pick it up, then relax, then pick up.

My splits were not consistent, as the first and third should be similar, and the second and fourth should likewise relate.
  1. 1:42 (1:42)
  2. 3:26 (1:44)
  3. 5:18 (1:52)
  4. 6:57 (1:39)

I struggled through the workout, not just the mile. My 400s were at 1:52 and 1:50, barely crossing the finish line.

T'weren't mah night.

You might say:
Pease porridge hot,
Pease porridge cold,
Pease porridge in the pot,
Nine days old;
Some like it hot,
Some like it cold,
Some like it in the pot,
Nine days old.

or prefer: Some Like it Hot Trailer (Marilyn Monroe)

1 comment:

Resilient Hawk said...

To the strangely obsessive

Too bad you have nothing constructive to say, just one mediocre thought, said now six deleted times.

I hoped you would have been more intelligent than that. Then, at least, I can smirk and think, "That sixth grader is witty." Instead, all I have is wondering what a sad life you live.

As far as pudgy goes, come to the track and see. I'm just under 5'6', about 133-134, losing weight fast. Pudgy? Maybe. But, that's one reason of exercise. True, that pic you saw was not flattering. See other pictures. See where I started.

Run with us. Maybe you are a runner; see if you can handle it. Maybe you are faster than me, maybe not. Either way, you have my invitation. Look at the ad at the top for direction. Come by on Thursday night.

Otherwise, here's a movie I'm guessing will happily occupy your time.

Jackass - The Box Set

As far as wit goes, I recommend reading The Portable Dorothy Parker (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition).