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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cosley - Cream of Wheaton, Run for the Animals 5K: 96% Humidity, Good Race

Cosley Run for the Animals - Cream of Wheaton 5K 2008
Cosley Run for the Animals - Cream of Wheaton 5K as I finish.
In the first picture, you can see me on the far left. I am about to pass the guy in the white T-shirt and sunglasses (Sam Bridle, 411, though you can't see his number here). Close, on the right, I will eventually pass 1545. Tom Lanagan, 904, finished strong with a 22:06.1. I think that's John Wascow, the guy without a shirt, 2178, finishing in 22:16.9. I'm not sure about the others. The second is close to the finish. Click to see these bigger.

1 mile warm-up
3.1 mile race - 22:42.6 (7:19/mile)

total: 4.1 miles

At 6:37 am (race starts at 7:30)
Wind: SE at 3 mph
Humidity: 96%
course: Cosley - Cream of Wheaton, Run for the Animals 5K (results)

At 9:16 am
Wind: SW at 4 mph
Humidity: 89%

7:15s. I wanted 3.1x7:15 miles. Close. Not quite. I had 7:19s.

1 - 6:55
2 - 7:35
3 - 7:21 (last 1.1 was this pace)

First mile was around 6:55, so says Dave Christiansen who ran the 10K, but started with me. Too fast. Felt OK, but still, a slower start probably would have been better.

Second mile slowed considerably. This was partly decisive -- trying to adjust, partly tired, and partly hills. Third mile was about trying to finish well.

Although it was humid, I felt pretty good. Never fell out of it, but there is a point during the 2.25-2.75 mile ballpark I need to focus less on running and more on racing.

Jody ran a tough 10K, doing some age group damage. Steve Hess finished in a solid ninth in the 10K. Dave struggled, paying for the first mile more than I did. Bob Vishanoff took down four or so runners in the last 300 meters with a strong finish. Jeff Couch ran 21:00, staring down his sub-20:00 destiny. Paul Cook, though, blew out his age group with a 18:43.7.

Frank, Paul, Matt and a few others of the JSRC also ran in the 5 or 10K.

Two thumbs up for the organizers. Great start, well-structured, incredible volunteers, mile splits easily visible, plenty of water, bagels, bananas and juice afterwards.

Gotta feel good about this overall. I dropped 1:11 from my May 17 race, and ran my third quickest race since beginning last year. My recovery is good -- I feel great a couple of hours later.

Missing: better warm-up, striders, day before run (I gave into high heat, and took a two-hour nap instead), strong second mile.
Good: ran hard despite humidity, better warm-up than last race, 2:30 faster than this time last year.

Next race? PR.

Currently slated is a 4-miler. My goal, today, is 28:00. The course is hillier than Cosley. To run that will mean I run a 21:42 5K along the way. Things are making this look possible. I have four weeks of training until then, meaning my distance base should be better, plus another month of Jim's workouts.


Kristi said...

wicked humidity! Seems like a good race--congratulations! :)

Resilient Hawk said...


It was a good race all said. I'm pleased, especially after my poor showing May 17.

I'm looking FWD to a good summer. My weight's dropping, my miles are higher and smarter han last year, and I re-learned a lot about racing last year.

Next race is July 4 in GE, a 4-miler. Weather permitting, I'm looking at 28:00.

The picture doesn't show me kicking out a guy who passed a 100-200 meters backs. He was as much as 50 m ahead, but I beat him by almost two seconds. He is in front, on my left, still.

J said...

Impressive run in that humidity - and I am very glad you had good supporters on the sidelines getting you guys what you needed.