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Monday, September 10, 2007

A Few Pounds Never Saw the Morning

Monday Check-in

133.2 lbs. (down)
51 - Pulse (up)


First Monday check-in in a few weeks.

All checks out well. My shins are sore, but the rest of me is happy.

Pulse is about the same, although on occasions has been in the 45-46 range. Might be the coffee I am drinking. More importantly is my recovery time, as indicated by how quickly my pulse returns to a resting state. I have not watched this carefully, but can say it seems to drop better than before.

My weight is down. Too early to say if I have turned the corner as weight loss goes. Still, 133.2 is lower than the 135 lbs I have hovered at. I do know I am fitter, as evidenced not just by my running, but also, but belt size. Pants that were likely to to require letting out now are suspect for being taken in. My face is thinner. Muscle definition can be seen in my calves and thighs. Still to go is the torso, which, though progress exists, has far to go. The pudge needs to budge. Too much jiggling where no jiggling should be.

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