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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sunny at Dusk: Workout Course PR

4.42 miles fresh -- 33:50 (7:39/mile)
0.50 warmdown

total: 4.92 miles

Wind: N at 3 mph
Humidity: 35%
course: COD Loop

Wind: NE at 1 mph
Humidity: 40%

Finally, some semblance of weather that has no resemblance to an Amazon rain forest. That is, discounting the abundant presence of mosquitos.

Ran a little later, hence, 'dusk', and encouraging it was, this run. It felt right to move well. It felt sunny.

Each stage had good times for each corner. 1:52 at Lambert and 22nd. 9:45 (1.3 miles) at Lambert and Butterfield. 15:07 (?) at the Lutheran church. 18:48 at Butterfield and 53 (2.5 miles). 23:40 (?) at 53 and Glen Valley (3.1 miles). 27:34 (?) at Glen Valley and Park (3.6 miles). 29:09 at Park and 22nd (3.8 miles). All summing up to a nice 7:39 pace.

The first few pieces of the route are downhill, through 2.5 miles, to Butterfield and 53, when a slow incline carries through for the next 1.1 miles, to Glen Valley and Park. A sharp, but brief incline, then an equally brief downhill takes me to Park and 22nd, finishing with a long uphill slope all the way to my place.

Come on, George, take it home:

Here Comes the Sun, George Harrison

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