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Friday, July 18, 2008

Loose Run, Nice Run

4.42 miles 37:23 (8:27)
0.50 miles warmdown

total: 4.92 miles

Hot. humid
No idea what weather really is.

course: COD Loop

Felt loose. Expected the heat to knock me down, so I started as relaxed as I could. Encouraged as I simply never have handled heat well and today was among my better runs for this loop. In fact, scrolling through my log, I can see that my times are much better than for similar conditions than in June.

Real improvement speed-wise, or just as far as fitness goes? Fitness is fine, and I need that too, but I'm all about speed. With July 30's Viking Sunset race coming up, it is time to plan. I have 12 days.

Tomorrow is a long run day, and I am hoping I can get in 11 miles. It will be a new farthest distance. It will be two times around Springbrook Prairie if all goes as planned.

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