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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Missed the Mark: 23:06.26

Me on the way to the Viking Sunset 5K, trying to look tough
Viking Sunset Race Results

1 mile warm up
4x100 striders
3.1 mile race - 23:06 (official)
400 meters warm down

total: 4.6 miles

At 5:25 pm
Wind: NW at 15 mph
Humidity: 51%

7pm Sunny
From WNW 12 mph

weight 131.

7:49 (final 1.1 miles)
23:06.26 (7:27.1)
finish: 179th
gender: 137
age group: 20

That's all. Not good. I stuck as well as I could to plan, and choked.

My kick was strong, though not long. I planned to suck it up for the last 800 m, gradually working it up, but the tank was dry. I did have something the last 200 m, especially the last 75 m, and caught several people.

Good? No. Why not? Passing people is good. Right. Being passed by a guy the last 5 m is bad. I passed everyone in front of me that I could, but a guy shot up to me, then snuck by with a few steps to go. I relaxed just before the chute instead of finishing the race. When I realized he was there, it was too late. He had momentum and I couldn't get my leg turnover up. This boils me. I should have beaten him.

picture: Me on the way to the Viking Sunset 5K, trying to look tough

see last year's race report: 5K PR - 23:13 - Viking Run

1 comment:

Jill said...

I wouldn't say you choked. It was hot and windy. You'll do a lot better with more reasonable weather. Keep at it.